Daniel Abt sets world record in reverse driving!

In Papenburg, Lower Saxony, on a closed-off test trac, a drag race of a special kind took place these days. Porsche GT2 RS against Schaeffler 4ePerformance. The extraordinary thing about this clash: the Schaeffler 4ePerformance with Daniel Abt at the wheel contested the race backwards in contrast to its opponent – and won.

Against expectations the 4ePerformance in reverse accelerated faster than the Porsche GT2 RS forward. In order to find out the full potential of the electrically powered racing car, the Schaeffler team led by Daniel Abt then brought the car to its absolute limit.  As in Formula E, the co-production between Schaeffler and ABT Sportsline has proven to be a very successful cooperation in this project as well. Following a joint design, the ABT mechanics installed a Formula E electric motor on each wheel, so that the special model has a total output of 1200 HP.

The following video shows the speed the electric car reached at the end and the risks this experiment entails: