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Step 2
abt chooses the perfect specialist in your area
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installation at our headquarter or at a car dealer in your area

Luxury even more refined – the ABT Audi S8

The current S8 are full-size luxury sedans with a style all their own and ABT has found a way to make them even more exclusive. There are several options to give the A8 an ABT treatment. For a high-end sedan, elegance is of prime importance. Therefore ABT has opted for an aero package whose stylistic features convey both sportiness and elegance by adding a curved front spoiler, dynamic side skirts and a rear skirt set with asymmetrically arranged four exhaust outlets. Apart from that, ABT also has a fine upgrade for the powertrain of the sedan and pushes it from its standard 520 HP and 481 lb-ft to an impressive 640 HP and 575 lb-ft. This is supercar territory!

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A height adjustable level control system is just the right tool to complement the more striking look of an A8 already outfitted with ABT aerodynamic parts and the performance of the S8. The lowering of the vehicle’s point of gravity by 0.8 inch ensures that the luxury sedan has better grip on the road and gives it an even more sportier appearance. And to let the S8 sound as good as it looks, ABT offers a stainless-steel muffler system with pre-silencer replacement pipe if desired.

No ABT Audi would be complete without a matching set of wheels. Elegant or dynamic, modern or classic, black or gun-metal – ABT aluminum wheels are always professionally balanced in terms of weight and handling. Audi A8 and S8 customers can choose from the DR, FR and new GR design in 20”, 21” and even 22”. The ER-C wheel in gun-metal is also available in 19” inch.

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