ABT is the worldwide leading luxury car tuning company for brands produced by the Volkswagen Group. We are mainly concentrating on models from Audi and VW offering body kits, power upgrades, wheels, suspension upgrades and more.

Engineered in Germany, built for America


Power Upgrades via separate ECU

As the world’s largest aftermarket tuning company for cars from Audi and VW, ABT knows very well how a technically feasible and perfectly functioning power increase should look like: By using state-of-the-art technology to add horsepower but also ensure reliability and durability as well as keeping fuel consumption and emissions at production level.

With the separate ABT Engine Control (AEC) unit a whole range of quality characteristics and USPs come into play. These set ABT power upgrades apart from risky cheap products that just modify the original ECU as well as from serious competitors.


ABT offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art aerodynamic parts in OEM-quality which are easy to install. We offer front, side and rear skirts, side flics, rear spoilers, wide-body kits and more made out of PU and other plastics as well as real carbon fiber.

Our products are developed in our headquarter in Kempten, Germany, to the highest standards, and are manufactured in Germany and other European countries. All of our compontents are approved by the German TÜV.

Audi RS6
Audi A5 Wheel

Cast & Forged Wheels + Suspension Upgrades

ABT offers a variety of cast and forged wheels in different designs. We cover most of the models currently produced by Audi and VW and sizes ranging from 18 to 22 inches. All of our alloy wheels meet the German TÜV standards.

For a better handling we also offer different suspension solutions for Audis and VWs like height adjustable springs, modifications for the Audi adaptive air suspension and more.

Performance Exhausts

ABT offers exhaust systems for a variety of Audi and VW models which not only come in OEM-quality, but also optimize the sound and look of your performance car. All of our exhausts are made of stainless steel and reduce the back pressure for a better gas flow.

As with our other products the exhaust systems are approved by the German TÜV.

Audi S3 Exhaust
Audi RS6 Interior

ABT Individual

The “Individual” programme provides a lot more than the usual ABT specialities. The interior can be clad with leather – smooth, back-stitched or suede, on seats, switches, steering wheels or under roofs. Individual design elements or logos can be added as well as special color combinations.

A personal lettering on the exhaust pipes, your very own body color, special wheel designs or customised body parts are no problem.